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9 Fascinating Degrees to Consider Majoring in ...

By Madison

Universities offer an array of fascinating degrees for students to declare their major in. Some schools have unique programs, but for my list, I wanted to focus on degrees that would be offered at most Universities. It can be hard to decide which major to declare, so maybe you’ll be inspired by one of these fascinating degrees!

1 Criminology/Forensic Science

Majoring in the fascinating degrees of forensic science or criminology prepares you for work in the field of criminal justice. There is more to do with a forensic science degree than just crime scene investigation (although that’s a great option) and typically, you can customize your forensic science degree to match your interests. For example, pairing a forensic science degree with psychology makes you better equipped to work in the field of criminal psychology. If your school doesn’t offer a degree in forensic science, chances are, there is a criminology option. A criminology degree will give you the tools to work as a police officer or a parole officer, but continuing on with your education after getting your bachelor’s degree in criminology will open more doors for you.

2 Letters/Classics

Letters and Classics degrees are great for those who want a well-rounded education. Typically with a letters degree, you take electives in different arts and sciences courses. It’s a flexible degree option that’s great for many students because of the freedom that comes with it. Classics is similar, however, it has an emphasis on Greek and/or Latin culture and language. The career options after graduating are practically limitless with these degrees, as employers love seeing people with a well-rounded skill set.

3 Public Relations

Are you good at persuading people to see things your way? If so, public relations may just be the field of study for you. People who study public relations manage the way information is spread between individuals, companies, organizations, and the public. Those with a public relations degree will most likely find themselves persuading the media to portray something in a particular way. With a PR degree, you may end up speaking at conferences, working with the press, being on teams, and doing lots of research. If a fast-paced career like this sounds fun to you, then you should consider a PR degree.

4 Visual Communications/Graphic Design

Some schools call it visual communications while others refer to it as graphic design. No matter what you prefer to call it, there’s no denying this is one fascinating degree to consider majoring in. If you are artistic and are handy with a computer, look no further than a degree in visual communications. Graphic designers learn how to create symbols, images, page layouts, and fonts to create custom looks for customers. This degree option is a great way to bring out your creative side in your career.

5 Game Design

Game design is a fascinating degree option that requires a very precise skill set. Those who are considering this degree need to be competent in the arts as well as technical aspects and writing. The game designer commonly uses scripting languages to develop games. Any game designer must be up to date on what’s occurring within the video game market. Yes – that means part of your job would be to play video games! Game design is not offered everywhere and schools can be hard to get into, but it’s still a fun and fascinating degree choice!

6 Robotics Engineering

Engineering degrees are among the most popular options for college students. Robotics is relatively new in the field and it combines aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. This degree is not offered at all schools, but it is becoming more prevalent. If you have a science and math driven mind, you may consider researching more about this growing field of study.

7 Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the newer career options I am most excited about. With a sustainability degree, there are many “green” options that await you, including an environmental and business focus. If you have a passion for the environment and want to do your part in making the world a better place, this is just the degree for you. It helps to have a science mind when it comes to a degree like this, however passion for the environment will help you just as much. Find your place in this niche market with a fascinating degree in sustainability.

8 Astronomy

When you hear the word “astronomy,” what comes to mind? Is it someone hovering over a telescope looking up at the stars? While this used to be the case, nowadays the field of astronomy is mostly done on computers. Astronomy is a fascinating degree that requires an understanding of physics and mathematics. The goal of most people who study astronomy is to continue to do research in their area of interest after graduating. If you have a love for space and a knack for researching, perhaps astronomy is the degree for you!

9 Theatre

Most universities offer an array of theatre degrees. You can pinpoint your interests to acting, design, dramaturgy, scene technology, or stage management, among others. If you loved drama in high school, why not consider making it your field of study in college? It’s always a wise idea to make your passion your career!

Universities offer so many fascinating degrees, these are just a few of my favorites. Deciding on what degree to declare for your major can be hard, so I hope this list helps you. What degrees do you find the most fascinating offered at your University? Share with us in the comments!

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