7 Fantastic Ways to Vacation in San Diego ...

Last year my husband and I chose to vacation in San Diego. My husband and I have a tradition every year to vacation in a new city for a few days around Christmas time, just the two of us! It's so fun to explore new places, sight-see, and really experience the people and culture of different cities around the US! This year we are headed to Washington, D.C. and I can't wait! I LOVED our vacation in San Diego so here are 7 ways to enjoy this beautiful city!

1. San Diego Zoo

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We visited the zoo on the first day of vacation in San Diego. This world famous zoo is full of life, awesome attractions and joyful people! They are famous for pioneering cage-less confinement that mimics natural habitats as much as possible. It's therefore a huge park so definitely bring shoes you can walk all day in!

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