8. Little Albert Experiment

Little Albert Experiment

The Little Albert Experiment was one of the most profound experiments that influenced the idea of classical conditioning and behaviorism in general. John Watson took a 9-month old baby, Albert, and placed him near a white rat. At first, the baby had no reaction to the rat and actually seemed to like the furry animal. But after a while, Watson started to make a loud noise to startle Albert when the rat was near. Eventually, Albert began to associate the white rat with the scary noise and would begin to cry when he saw the rat, regardless of noise or not

. Watson concluded that a lot of our behavior grows from associating two situations, even when only one of those situations was present.

Psychology can teach us so much about the how we act and why. No matter what your career is in or what you hobbies are, having a basic understanding of these famous psychological experiments can help you navigate everyday life. What did you think of these important psychology experiments? Do you know of any other psychology experiments that had interesting findings? Do you think these psychology experiments were unethical or were their findings worth the risks?

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