9 Fail Safe Ways to Keep from Overeating at Restaurants ...


9 Fail Safe Ways to Keep from Overeating at Restaurants ...
9 Fail Safe Ways to Keep from Overeating at Restaurants ...

If you love eating out, you should know ways to keep from overeating at restaurants! I always want to clean my plate AFTER overloading on salad bars and appetizers, but I’ve learned over time how to enjoy my meal without blowing my diet. Here are my tips for eating out without wasting food or gaining an extra pound. Read on if you’d love to know my ways to keep from overeating at restaurants!

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Order Water Right Away

One of the best ways to keep from overeating is to order a glass of water right away! Sip on it as you look over the menu and while you wait for your food to arrive. This will help you feel full so you won’t eat as much. In fact, drink water with your meal instead of a calorie and sugar laden soda for a healthier option!


Skip Appetizers

Appetizers are a surefire way to overeat and blow your diet. Steer clear of the appetizers, and ask the waiter not to bring out any bread! If you must have something right away, order a small house salad and leave off the croutons. Go with a light dressing or none at all to save calories!


Order Lunch Sized Portions

Did you know that most dinner entrées have a lunch-sized portion? If you specifically request a lunch or half-sized portion, you are not only cutting your calories in half but your bill will be smaller too! This is a good tip to remember.


Don’t Order an Entrée

If you would really like to cut your meal down to a size, then order from the appetizer menu as your main dish. Things like flatbreads, soups, salads, and even chips and dips can be just as filling as an entrée, and you still have a delicious meal. Appetizers are often less expensive than entree’s too, so think of it as doing your wallet AND your stomach a favor!


Modify a Dish to Meet Your Diet Needs

When you’re eating out, you can pretty much have it your way, especially at a sit down restaurant. If you don’t like the side that is served with your meal, ask to substitute it for something healthier. In fact, just because your meal is served with something doesn’t mean you have to take it. Just tell your waiter that you don’t want the baked potato, just the grilled chicken and the salad.


Skip Add-on’s

When ordering your food, skip the add-ons. These can be anything from extra cheese or dressing to an extra side or another order of bread. If you don’t want to skip something entirely, ask for it to be served on the side and then you can add it to your food yourself. Just go sparingly! This goes for anything, including sauces and creams and dressings.


Eat Slowly

Why rush through your meal? Rushing through a meal often results in indigestion, swallowed air, and overeating. Take your time, enjoy conversation with friends or get lost in a book. Your body will start to signal when you are truly full, but if you are eating too fast you may miss that cue and end up overeating.


Get a Doggie Bag

I feel bad leaving leftovers on my plate because if I pay for something, I hate to see money wasted. So I learned to get a doggie bag! Take home whatever you don’t eat, then you have meal ready and waiting next time you need something fast. Plus, you save yourself from overeating!


Choose from the Kid Menu

My last tip for ways to avoid overeating in restaurants is to choose from the child’s menu. Some restaurants won’t allow this, but some are okay with it. At a fast food place, you will get a much smaller portion from the kid’s menu, so this is your best option if you are stuck eating at a fast food joint.

It’s good to know you don’t have to turn down a night out just because you don’t want to blow your diet! Keep these tips in mind before you head out the door to eat, and remember that if you do over-indulge, it won’t be the end of the world. Just make sure you heed these tips next time in order to stay in shape and on top of your diet!

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That's good tip, thank

8's a good tip. Everyone around me especially 'family' seems to eat faster, so it makes it harder for me to enjoy meals ( not just in restaurants).

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