10 Interesting Facts about the Origin of the Word "Okay" ...


For over one hundred and fifty years, people have tried to figure out the origin of the word “okay”. It may be possible that the word has come and gone in many countries, but that it was simply the Americans that popularized the word enough to bring it into the spoken language on a wide scale. It may also be that the word was already so popular, that people used it to communicate with English speaking people a little more easily. Here are some **facts about "Okay". **

1. It Was Oll Korrect in 1839

Okay was the final survivor of a slang fad that happened in New York and Boston, between the years 1838 and 1839. The fad was to purposefully spell a common phrase incorrectly. The term “No Go” was spelt as “Know Go.” The misspelling that brought about “OK” was “All Correct” being spelt as “Oll Korrect.”

The O.K. Club Popularized the Term