7 Fabulous Old T-shirt DIY's ...

Have an old tee kicking around? Need an old t-shirt DIY? Well it’s your lucky day, because I’ve got 7 fabulous things you can do with an old t-shirt. From Laptop Cases, to Produce Bags, to Baby Diapers I’ve got you covered. Now all you need to do is find an old tee and get to crafting already.

1. Laptop Case

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…because if you didn’t dress your laptop, it would be naked?! All jokes aside a Laptop does benefit greatly from being covered and cared for properly. Putting your laptop in this old tee would keep it from getting dusty as well as scratched. A fabulous old t-shirt DIY that you could make for yourself or maybe even a friend. Nothing says “you’re my bestie” like a old t-shirt laptop case.

Link: blog.makezine.com

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