7 Fab Colors and Their Meanings ...

Have you ever wondered about colors and their meanings and how they can actually affect you? I have always wondered what colors and their meanings could actually mean to me – so that inspired me to do some research! Whether you are deciding what color to paint your apartment or you are trying to decide exactly what to wear, choosing the right color is very important! So, take a trip down the rabbit hole with me and let's see what these 7 fab colors mean!

1. Pink

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This is one family of colors and their meanings that I love. The color of pink has healing properties and has a ton of calming agents to it. Brighter shades of pink will attract youth, high spirits and confidence. It's a super fun show and is all about innocence. Pink in a nutshell? Love, heart, affection, tenderness, friendship and charm. It's sweet, gentle and full of good health!

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