7 Fab Colors and Their Meanings ...


7 Fab Colors and Their Meanings ...
7 Fab Colors and Their Meanings ...

Have you ever wondered about colors and their meanings and how they can actually affect you? I have always wondered what colors and their meanings could actually mean to me – so that inspired me to do some research! Whether you are deciding what color to paint your apartment or you are trying to decide exactly what to wear, choosing the right color is very important! So, take a trip down the rabbit hole with me and let's see what these 7 fab colors mean!

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Pink This is one family of colors and their meanings that I love. The color of pink has healing properties and has a ton of calming agents to it. Brighter shades of pink will attract youth, high spirits and confidence. It's a super fun show and is all about innocence. Pink in a nutshell? Love, heart, affection, tenderness, friendship and charm. It's sweet, gentle and full of good health!


Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow Yellow is one of those colors that can instantly make you feel better all over! It's for a person that is super happy-go-lucky and it's all about joy! Lighter, creamy shades of yellow can make you feel super elegant, joyful and fresh, where if you go with duller shades, it can show sickness and jealousy. Yellow is actually a favorite among people with a super high intelligence! So, yellow in a nutshell? It's all about sunshine, summer, idealism, logic, happiness and creativity.


Poppy Red

Poppy Red I'm sure that you might have a feeling you know what red means, right? Well, red is all about stimulating the appetite, whether it is sexual or something else. It can actually increase your blood pressure and it intensifies the object into something super attention grabbing. Red can also make people react faster. You want to avoid red when you are in tense situations, as it can put people on high alert.


Brilliant Blue

Brilliant Blue Blue is one of those colors that is super calming, totally safe and one of the best colors if you really want to have inner peace. Blue can create a feeling of trust and loyalty, that's why it is used all across businesses. Blue is also a great color to wear for interviews, as it can instantly calm your interviewers down. Blue in a nut shell? It's all about harmony, unity, trust and faith. Truly one of the most amazing colors out there!


Perfect Green

Perfect Green Green is a color that doesn't cause stress and it can actually relax your nervous system as well as calm your spirit. It's one of those colors that can truly make sure that you stay in a good mood! One note about green, too much of it can cause jealousy, envy and greed. Pale greens also mean sickness. Green in a nutshell? It's all about healing, self-control, health, hope and youth.


Royal Purple

Royal Purple If you follow colors at all, you probably already know that purple is the ultimate royalty color, but did you know that this color is also used to invite meditation, deep sleep and it can calm down your irritated mind? Light purple can increase your meditation power by 10 times, while darker shades of purple are luxury. This is a color that is so beautiful, so romantic and it stands for selflessness, spirituality, mystery, fantasy, wisdom and enlightenment.


Balanced White

Balanced White White is a color that is all about soothing and calming. It's the perfect color, because it balances out every other color. White will also help you balance your decisions and have a neutral outlook. White in a nutshell? Purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace and innocence.

Now that you know some of the different colors and meanings out there, remember that these are a few of the colors out there! Do you have any more colors that you know the meanings of?

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I would love to know the meaning of Black color

YAYAYAYAY PURPLEEEE! They say purple is the color of people who like to daydream and are super imaginative :b I always have my head in the clouds xD

no black? haha but a very cool article :))

I have never ha a favorite color, but definitely lean toward colors depending in my mood. I just LOVE color!!!!

Awesome article I love it. I am a artist and I can totally relate

I love lots of colors actually all of them

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