7 Experiences You Should Have in College No Matter What ...

Since graduating, I’ve learned that there are some key experiences you should have in college no matter what. They’re not what you think. Some of them are fun, some are a little messy, but at the heart of it, these are the experiences that make your life richer. We all need to go through certain things in life, and believe it or not college is one of the best environments to grow up in, because you’ll grow up and walk into the real world once you’ve graduated and realize what a lovely bubble college really was. So without further ado, here are 7 experiences you should have in college no matter what!

1. Frosh Week

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Hands down, one of the best experiences you should have in college is Frosh Week - that first week, where you’re bright-eyed and a little nervous but excited and high off the dizzying energy of the people and the school around you. I loved Frosh Week so much I ended up being a Frosh Leader to usher in a whole new year of students each and every single year! I know a few friends who’ve missed it and I always say, it’s where you’ll meet some of your life long friends, trust me!

2. Living on Campus

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Without a doubt, my college experience would not have been what it was if it wasn’t for living on campus. It’s more than an experience; it becomes your life for the next 4 or 5 years that will end up playing a major part in who you are when you leave school. It’s one of those experiences you should have in college for as long as you can. It will not only teach you life skills (cooking, cleaning, taking out the trash, etc), but it will teach you independence, and how to control it without taking advantage of it.

3. Getting Involved in Something You Love

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College is where you’re embraced for all the little things that make you the person that you are. If you love something, chances are there are a dozen other people who love that too! One of the most meaningful experiences you should have in college is to truly get involved with a club or a cause that means something to you. You never know where it can lead and I’ve seen classmates all around me that have turned their passions into their jobs, and there is no place more nurturing, supportive, and safe than your college campus to start getting involved with whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself!

4. Pulling an All-Nighter, for Anything

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This isn’t just about studying ladies! There’s a quote somewhere out on the Internet that says something like "You’ll never remember the nights you went to bed early." Well, this is very true. I’m not saying stay up and party all night, but if your friend is hosting an all-night movie marathon, or your roomie just randomly suggests that you guys all stay up and watch the sunrise, do it! It’s one of the top experiences you should have in college, because to this day I still remember when my roommate and I walked around campus all night until the coffee shop opened in the morning, I don’t remember going to sleep after that, but I’m sure we zonked out!

5. Studying Abroad

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This is one thing of the experiences you should have in college that I’ve always wanted to do, but never got a chance to. What could be more thrilling then travelling somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to and getting a credit while you’re at it? Studying Shakespeare in England? Bring it on! Women’s Studies in Spain, why not? Plus when you’re in school, housing and tuition is usually the same price as what you’d be paying for a regular semester at home anyways, so why not take advantage, hop on a plane, and go where the books and lessons come alive?

6. Date, and Get Your Heart Broken

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It’s inevitable. You will date someone and your heart will probably get trampled all over, but I promise you that there’s no better time for that to happen than in college. It’s one of those experiences you should have in college no matter what. The things you learn from it, and the people that surround you to help you get back to who you are – those are lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom full of note-taking and pacing professors. Then you’ll pick yourself up and become the best person you can be and meet your soul mate in the future, all mature and ready, and emotionally wise.

7. Invent a New Drinking Game

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During one girls night, it was decided that we’d play Rock, Paper, Scissors with shots. Everytime someone lost, they would drink. It probably wasn’t the smartest game in the world, but it was still tons of fun! What it ends up leading to is one of the most hilarious and fun experiences you should have in college no matter what. Because when else in your lifetime will it be okay to drink just because you invented a random rule to a random game that all your friends will abide by? Probably never, so as Captain Jack Sparrow, the biggest rum fan of them all would say, drink up me hearties, yo ho!

College is a special time in your life, and everyone should make the most if it if they can. At no other point in your life will you go through the experiences that come from being in school, and it marks the years of your life where you grow into the person that you’ll become one day. It shapes you into who you are and is the springboard for the journey that we call life, so make the most of it! What are some experiences you think everyone should have?

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