7 Experiences You Should Have in College No Matter What ...


Since graduating, I’ve learned that there are some key experiences you should have in college no matter what. They’re not what you think. Some of them are fun, some are a little messy, but at the heart of it, these are the experiences that make your life richer. We all need to go through certain things in life, and believe it or not college is one of the best environments to grow up in, because you’ll grow up and walk into the real world once you’ve graduated and realize what a lovely bubble college really was. So without further ado, here are 7 experiences you should have in college no matter what!

1. Frosh Week

Hands down, one of the best experiences you should have in college is Frosh Week - that first week, where you’re bright-eyed and a little nervous but excited and high off the dizzying energy of the people and the school around you. I loved Frosh Week so much I ended up being a Frosh Leader to usher in a whole new year of students each and every single year! I know a few friends who’ve missed it and I always say, it’s where you’ll meet some of your life long friends, trust me!

Living on Campus
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