7 Exciting Reasons to Live in a City ...


There are an innumerable number of reasons to live in a city. If you remember the TV show from the 60s‘Green Acres,’ you’ll realize the debate over whether city living or country dwelling is best has been around for as long as cities have been! If you're flipping and flopping between urban and rural living, following is a list of reasons to live in a city for you to consider.

1. The Arts

While many of us say we love the arts, few of us partake in them as much as we would like. Why is that? One of the best reasons to live in a city is that you can take the number of gallery openings, art museums, theatres, children arts events, dance companies, art classes, opera, blues clubs, etc.,etc., etc. and multiply them…by a lot! The bottom line is the arts thrive on audience participation. When the audiences are smaller, so are the opportunities. Also, with more opportunities comes more competition and lower prices! While you may not be able to see a Broadway play every week, you may be able to see an off-off Broadway play once or twice a month and maybe more if you hit the TKTS booth and aim for some matinees. Why not start the second part of your life as an Arty?

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