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At last! It's your day off, so what can you do with it? With the flexible timetables that many of us work, it's not uncommon to only have one full day off per week. And if we're tired or don't know what to do with the day, we can end up wasting the day on surfing the net or doing boring jobs around the house. So here are some ways to make the most of your day off …

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Make firm plans for the day book a seat for the theater or cinema. If you've paid for a ticket you'll go ahead with it, whereas if you only have vague plans you're more likely to find an excuse to stay at home. If you make plans with friends, you'll go through with them so that you don't disappoint your friends.


Lazy Lie in? No Way!

Hurrah! You don't have to get up early today. But it's still worth setting your alarm, even if it's not quite as early as normal. Setting your alarm means that you won't sleep all morning and miss most of the day. Going to bed at a reasonable time the night before will help as well, so that you don't sleep late to catch up after a late night.


Chores? Not Today!

Who wants to spend their free day doing chores? Keep them to a minimum for your day off. Try to get your household jobs done on other days, so that the whole day is free for you to enjoy yourself. Otherwise you'll be wasting the day away washing, hanging and drying laundry, mopping floors, and cleaning the bathroom … yawn.


What's on?

Have a browse of your local listings and find out what's on that day. There's bound to be all kinds of events and shows on, so find something interesting to do. Try a workshop, such as dance or exercise, or attend a festival. And if there's nothing on that you fancy, consider organising a Meetup group to meet like-minded people. There's no excuse for staying at home, bored!


She's a Day Tripper

One really good way to make the absolute most of your free day is to plan a day trip. It'll mean getting up early (I know … me too!), but you'll really feel like you did something worthwhile with the day. You'll probably feel more energised and recharged than if you spent the day lazing around at home, which oddly enough can be quite tiring!


Joining up

If you have the same day(s) free every week, look for a class that you can join, or a Meetup group. There's something for every interest, so you're bound to find something you like. Or why not try something completely new - you won't know if you like it until you try!


Indulge Yourself

You don't have to spend every free day you have running around doing a million things, however. Every now and then, spend a day truly relaxing. Dedicate an afternoon to reading that book that's been on your shelf for months, or doing some crafts while you catch up on your favorite series. The important thing is to feel either a sense of achievement, or that you've been able to indulge yourself.

What would be your absolutely perfect day?

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i really dont mind watching dvds or reading.

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