7 Etiquette Habits That Never Go out of Style ...

In our current culture, it can seem as though common etiquette habits have faded away. There is a sense of respect for others that has been lost as progressive cultures becomes more independent and self-reliant. This is no reason to lose sight of those etiquette habits that make us all decent and wonderful human beings! Show your good side as often as possible through your consideration of others around you. Here are some proper etiquette behaviors that never go out of style!

1. Saying Please & Thank You

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So often I hear people neglect to say please and thank you to others, especially when they are being served at a restaurant or helped in a department store. It's also becoming more prominent among children, which is a heartbreaking reality. The self-entitlement and rudeness that come along with not being polite are simply inexcusable. Saying please and thank you is one of those etiquette habits that show appreciation and dignity like no other!

2. Chewing with Your Mouth Closed

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This may seem silly, but no one wants to see food swirling around in your mouth as you chew or try to talk. Take smaller bites, close your mouth and wait till you've swallowed your food before engaging in conversation. Everyone appreciates this etiquette behavior and you're also much less likely to accidentally embarrass yourself!

3. Refraining from Interrupting Others

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I know it's hard to refrain from interjecting our thoughts right away when something interesting pops into our head during conversation. It's also a human tendency to relate to others through our similar stories and experiences. Instead of interrupting someone or hurrying them along in their story, listen well and wait for your turn to talk. Then, don't try and top their story with yours but intentionally add to the conversation!

4. Listening Intently as Others Speak

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Have you ever been in conversation with someone who wasn't really listening to you? It's generally pretty obvious, as they're looking around and not making eye contact or have an absent look on their face. This is extremely rude and gives off the impression that you're not worth their time. Don't do this and instead, make eye contact and show that you're listening by your body language and occasional words.

5. Smiling at Strangers

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Even my young son picks up on other people's lack of etiquette when he says hi and they don't smile or say hi back. He gets his little heart broken and then I am left to explain away. It's always kind to smile at strangers, say hi when they greet you and especially be a delight around children! You never know what kind of day, week or year someone may be having, and a smile can go a long way without you realizing it.

6. Greeting People with Affection

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Always hug tightly, smile and show affection when you greet friends and family that you love dearly! Life is preciously short so it's important to display your love and appreciation for those who care the most.

7. Giving Generously

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Don't be stingy with your cash, but instead look for ways to give. Make sure to tip well, even your barista, and give to a charity that pulls at your heart and soul. It's also the mark of good character to give of your time and energy to others in need. What better way to say you care than by being an open and inviting person, always willing to share and give?

Showing etiquette isn't difficult once you make it part of your daily habit! You'll feel more empowered when you display social behaviors that may not be as common as you think. What are some other etiquette habits that belong on this list?

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