8 Essentials for a Fun Road Trip to Always Take with You ...


Ah, the essentials for road trip adventures – so simple, yet so important. You might think that there are not, in fact, any essentials for a road trip, since road trips are typically thought to be spur of the moment journeys. That’s certainly true, but there are just a few things you should always have with you. You’ll enjoy the adventure more, you still won’t have to pack too much, and you’ll rarely if ever get caught unaware needing something you don’t have. All you have to do is pack these things when you’re taking a road trip!

1. A Camera

One of the biggest essentials for road trip adventures is a camera. A good digital camera, a professional manual one, a disposal camera, a cell phone camera – have something to record your journey! Keep one with you in the car as well; if you’re the passenger, make it your duty to take pictures of the things you pass. Who cares if the images are blurry? You and your road trip buddy will still remember the moment!

A Map
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