7 Essential Tips You Should Know to Prepare for a Camping Trip ...

Camping is a fun way to spend quality time with your family or friends in nature, but you have to be sure that you know the proper and most efficient ways to prepare for a camping trip, before heading out into the wild. I’d like to share some of the helpful tips I’ve gathered, right here in this article, about some of the most important ways to prepare for a camping trip!

1. Know Your Party

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It’s always essential to know who it is you will be traveling with when you start to prepare for a camping trip. You have to know the right people to bring, and that your group has an assortment of different qualities and skills that’ll help you on the trip. Though not everyone has to be nature-savvy, it just makes it easier to have a few people who know what they’re doing by your side!

2. Prepare a First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit is so very important when preparing for a camping trip. It’s likely that if this is your or someone in your party’s first trip camping, accidents might occur. Especially when it comes to minor cuts and scrapes! Because you’re out in the open, it’s important to keep any wounds covered and clean. You have make sure you have items like bandages, cold compresses, adhesive cloth tape, and antiseptic wipes, among many other handy items.

3. Study Maps of the Area

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I know that reading a map is so 19th century, but bear in mind that there may not be any place to charge your cell, let alone receive a cell phone signal. So, sadly, a real map in place of Google Maps will have to do. You’ll want to look for reference landmarks, water sources and alternate trail routes. This will definitely be a good tool to use to know the area you’ll be in, and the surrounding area, in case you ever get off your original trail.

4. Set Your Time Frame

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Do you know how long you’ll stay at your campsite? How long it takes to travel to and from the parking area? When and where you will sleep? If you do, then you’re all set! If not, I’d say you should get right on it! Time, in relation to how long certain actions will take, is a thing that should be set up prior to your camping trip. It’ll make things run smoothly.

5. Food Supply

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In order to have a successful camping trip, you need to get your food supply in order. First you’ll need to figure how and where you’ll store food. You’ll also have to think about foods that easily made, and are very nutrient dense. Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods should help you stay alert and energized for the outdoorsy life. And be sure to pack enough!

6. Health Information

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Is anybody diabetic? Do they have peanut allergies? Are they sensitive to excessive amounts of sunlight? These kinds of medical questions are vital because they could save someone’s life. Getting health background, and any insurance coverage they might have, on the people you’re traveling with, is super important so that everyone knows to pack what they need, and that in case of an emergency, there are tools you can use to aid them.

7. Pack Only What You’ll Need

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Over-packing is a surefire way to ruin your epic camping trip. Over packing means that there are more items to carry, which in turn slows you down because of the added weight. It’s okay to put an extra shirt, or towel. But, if it’s something non-essential, leave it behind!

These tips to help you prepare for a camping trip were definitely helpful to me. I’m pretty sure they’ll be helpful to you too! Are there preparation tips for a camping trip you’d like to share?

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