8 Essential Tips on How to Stop Being a Hoarder ...

By Alison

8 Essential Tips on How to Stop Being a Hoarder ...

Knowing how to stop being a hoarder can be quite a challenge. Most hoarders are nowhere near as extreme as the cases we see on TV shows, but the possessions in our homes can easily get out of hand. Even if you want to stop hoarding, it´s tough to know where to start – so often things are left as they are. But fear not if your collections are taking over the house – here are some effective tips to stop hoarding.

1 Is It REALLY Useful?

One of the most important ways to stop hoarding is to avoid bringing new objects into the house. Every time you are tempted to shop, stop and think for a moment. Ask yourself if you need it, if you´ll use it, and do you already have one? Chances are you don´t actually need it, and it will sit in a cupboard unused. So leave it on the shelf!

2 Flea Market Failure

We all love a bargain, but flea markets and garage sales are a disaster area where hoarders are concerned. All those lovely things looking for a new home, and for just 50c or a dollar! If you´re a flea fan, either limit your budget or go with specific items in mind. And don´t forget to ask yourself the same questions in point 1 before you buy!

3 Just Say No

Some hoarders are basically a home for everyone else´s junk. Do you get offered unwanted goods by your neighbors/ friends/ family? The danger is when you either feel obliged to accept a ´gift´, or hate to see something thrown away. It´s not your problem that they want to dispose of something. Just say no, thanks.

4 Ask Yourself Why

It´s also very important to look at the reasons behind your hoarding. Is it because you shop when you´re bored? Does having possessions around you make you feel less lonely? Whatever your motives for hoarding, you need to know what they are, and resolve to deal with them.

5 Total Cost

If you want to know how to stop being a hoarder, this tip can be very effective. Work out roughly how much you´ve spent on possessions in the last year, say, or the value of the goods in just one room. It doesn´t have to be a precise figure, but the total will probably astound you. Now, wouldn´t that money have been better in the bank? This may just break the urge to acquire more ´stuff´.

6 Ruthless Regularity

The reformed hoarder has to take great care not to fall back into their old ways. So once you´ve managed to get on top of your hoarding, learn to keep your shopping cravings under control. In addition, if you do buy new things, find a new home for old ones. Regularly sort through your possessions and discard anything that you´ve used up or no longer need.

7 Accept Help

If you want to stop hoarding but feel overwhelmed by the task ahead, ask a friend for help. Choose someone who is capable of being tough, and don´t query every time they want to throw something out. A friend can be very useful in giving you honest opinions, especially when it comes to pruning a bulging wardrobe of clothes that don´t suit you!

8 Organise

Finally, get your possessions organised. This is where a friend can again be very useful. Storing everything properly makes them easier to find, keeps them tidy, and makes life less stressful. When possessions have their place, your home looks a lot better.

When you want to stop hoarding, it´s bound to be a challenge. However, it´s worth the effort of working on it, so that you can live in a stress-free, tidy home. You can´t relax if your house is crammed to the rafters, and too many possessions not only occupy space, but also your energy. Have you any other effective tips on how to stop being a hoarder?

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