7. The Sad Selfie

I don't want to be too hard on people who are feeling down, but you might want to rethink posting that photo of yourself looking all miserable. If you're feeling sad, why not just call up a friend to tell them that you need to talk instead? Things surely can't be that bad if you're taking selfies and trying to choose your best sad face. There's nothing wrong with wanting a little sympathy, but there are better ways to get it that might be a little more helpful.

Learning to talk to people about how you're feeling without them having to ask you what's wrong is a good start.

So when it comes to selfies, always remember that emotions pass. You might feel silly about commemorating that reflective moment a few hours later when you're in a goofier mood. There are definitely moments that deserve commemorating, such as the triumph of accurately copying an amazing makeup tutorial or the moment after you get a great new haircut (you'll never be able to make it look like that yourself). However, you'll save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you learn to be more selective when it comes to selfies. Have you taken any of these selfies, or are there others you wish people would avoid?

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