7 Effortless Ways to Show Someone You Appreciate Them ...


Every person on this Earth wants to feel important and appreciated, but in order for you to feel recognized yourself, you have to first think of ways to show someone you appreciate them. Oftentimes we take the people we love for granted and don’t show just how much we value everything that they do. We become so used to what they do for us that we forget that we might not express how thankful we are for them. Here are 7 ways to show someone you appreciate them.

1. Write a Note

One of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them and express your feelings is by writing a small note. A simple thank you note can go a long way and brighten up the day of both people. This way you can get your thoughts across more clearly and be cheesy without it being awkward. So leave a note for the person you appreciate the most in the place they will see it and you are guaranteed to make them smile.

Make Something for Them