7 Eco-friendly Ways to Commute That You Should Try Today ...

Considering the state of our environment, it’s important that we all know eco-friendly ways to commute. Today we’ve become too dependent on our vehicles. Not only does using your car on a constant basis harm the health of the planet, but it also harms our health because we’re not only inhaling these harmful chemicals, we’re becoming less and less active as well. So for the betterment of our planet and ourselves, here are a few eco-friendly ways to commute.

1. Roller Blade

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Using roller blades is one of the eco-friendly ways to commute. Talk about a leg and glute workout! I love roller blading because I just feel like I’m gliding right past everyone. It’s fun and convenient if your work provides you with individual lockers or a place to put coats, umbrellas, rain boots, etc...

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