7 Eco Friendly Gadgets ...

IIf you’re trying to save energy, here are some pretty neat eco friendly gadgets to check out! Help make the Earth a better place by conserving water and energy. The following seven eco friendly gadgets range in purpose and price, but are definitely worth a once over!

1. Water Pebble

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This is the only one out of the seven eco friendly gadgets that helps you be proactive! You place this little gadget near the drain of your shower and it’ll monitor your water usage! It measures your first shower and uses it as a starting point. It’ll blink different colors, like a traffic light, to indicate different stages of the shower. Green light indicates the start of your shower, while yellow indicates halfway finished and red indicates the end of your shower. Each time you take a shower, the Water Pebble will reduce the length of your shower, therefore reducing the amount of water you use. How cool is that? Find it at Amazon.

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