7 Eco-friendly Father's Day Gifts for Any Dad in Your Life ...

Father's Day is just around the corner, and eco-friendly Father's Day gifts are an excellent way to say you're thinking of him AND the planet. Here is my guide to eco-friendly Father's Day gifts! From a biodegradable watch to a delectably organic shave cream, there's something here for any dad on your list.

1. SugarCoatedHammer Birch Branch Coasters

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These coasters are amazing Eco-friendly Father's Day gifts! Made from upcycled wood, these stunning handcrafted coasters are absorbent, chemical-free, and just plain cool! No more cup circles on the tables will make for a happy mom/wife, and dad can enjoy his bevvy in eco-style. He'll definitely want to break these out when guests are visiting, too. They're a surefire conversation starter.$15 at etsy.com

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