9 Eco-friendly Beach Essentials ...

Why not get an early start on your Summer shopping by picking up some beach essentials? I've compiled my must-haves for beaching it, and in keeping with my usual writing focus, they're Eco-friendly. Let's take a look at my top 9 Eco-friendly beach essentials!

1. Cocoze Coconut Fibre Flip-flops

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A few years ago, the Cocoze co-founder and president was inspired to create the primitive version of his masterpiece, coconut fibre flip-flops, with nothing more than coconut fibre and string. Now, the Eco-friendly sandals have seen their evolution and are fully functional, proper flip flops. Their coconut fibre soles, bound by natural rubbers, are super comfortable (no, they're not scratchy!), and they look totally rad while they're at it. Plus, the coconut fibre actually exfoliates your feet (no kidding!) as you wear them. It's kind of a no brainer, really. This Canadian company has one heck of an innovative product on their hands (excuse me, I meant feet). The ultimate beach essentials, Cocoze are wearable in myriad ways, like with a pretty sundress, cutoffs and a tee or just your swimsuit. Be the girl who gets asked, "Where on earth did you get those? And what are they made of?" all Summer. Grab a pair of these, pronto.

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