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7 Easy Ways to Control Excessive Sweating ...

By Vladlena

Sweating is a healthy way to release all of the salty liquids from your glands, but for many it can become a big problem that can affect their everyday life, which is why it is important to find different ways to control excessive sweating geared toward your body. While perspiration is a natural process, many suffer from excessive sweating that can make them feel self-conscious but not to worry! Although you can’t cure your problem, there are ways to control excessive sweating; it is just a matter of finding something that works for you.

1 Switch Your Antiperspirant

If you are a victim of excessive sweating, one of most important things that you have to do is learn the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. While deodorants only mask your body odor, antiperspirants clog your sweat glands and therefore prevent sweating. So one of the first ways to control excessive sweating is switching to an antiperspirant. Once you find the one for you, make sure to apply it overnight. Morning application will only result in the active ingredient being washed off, but this way your antiperspirant will clog the sweat ducts overnight.

2 Change up Your Diet

If there is an upcoming special occasion, it might be a good idea to switch up your diet several days in advance. Eating spicy food can result in an increased amount of sweating, so it would be best not to order it on special dates or workdays. In addition, eating foods such as garlic and onions can contribute to a strong odor. Therefore, while switching to a healthier diet will not stop your excessive sweating, it will surely improve the smell of your odor.

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3 Reduce Your Stress Level

One of the most common causes of excessive sweating is stress. How many times did your palms begin to drizzle sweat right before a major test or an interview? Probably every time! So in order to decrease your stress level try to find an outlet through which you can relax, such as exercising or playing an instrument. In addition, avoid biting more than you can chew, as this will not only help with your excessive sweating but it will also aid you in achieving a healthy state of mind.

4 Drink Cold Water

One of the more natural ways of controlling sweating is drinking plenty of cold water. The cold water will regulate your body temperature and prevent it from getting too high, and will therefore prevent your need to sweat. Plus, drinking lots of water will allow your toxins to flush through urine, decreasing the amount that would otherwise come through perspiration.

5 Avoid Weight Gain

If you are currently overweight and suffer from excessive sweating, the best solution would be to turn to a healthier lifestyle. The more weight you shed, the less you will sweat because it will become easier for your body to cool down efficiently. Plus you will feel much healthier and happier afterwards!

6 Choose Clothing Wisely

The solution to your problem might be very simple! Believe it or not, but wearing the right clothing may actually be the answer to your prayers. Making clever clothing choices can help you mask any sweat stains and reduce the amount of sweat in general. Try to wear lightweight fabrics such as cotton that will allow your skin to breathe, and airy shoes that will prevent your feet from overheating. When trying to cover up sweat stains you can always layer up so that inner layers absorb the sweat, or wear dark clothing to mask the stains.

7 Ask Your Doctor

If none of the above works, it is always a good idea to go to the person who knows best: your doctor! In some instances, the root of the problem may be a health complication. Heart disease, menopause and hyperthyroidism can all be causes of excessive sweating. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to get yourself checked out.

Spring and summer are just around the corner and while it is about time we catch a ray of sunshine, there are several cons to it, such as excessive perspiration. However, hopefully one of these tips will keep your sweating troubles at bay. What are some of your tips for controlling excessive sweating?


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