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Some people are blessed with rhythm and other people have none. Some people pick up a new dance in a second and other people have to practice rigorously just to find the beat. Maybe you need to shake it in the privacy of your own home before you bust a move in public. Maybe you just want to learn a new step on your way to the club. Either way, a dance infographic is a surprisingly helpful hack for learning a new dance. You get the basics in colorful, easily digestible chunks that you can quickly memorize and mimic even if you don't have an ounce of rhythm (me!).

1. Impress Everyone Ever with a Flawless Moonwalk

Impress Everyone Ever with a Flawless Moonwalk

Source: joyreactor.com

Is any dance more impressive than the Moon Walk? It's so hard to perfect, but doing it as flawlessly as Michael Jackson is still an obsession among many dance enthusiasts. Do you think you can learn how to do it with this?

Shake It like All the Single Ladies
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