10 Easy Tips on Throwing the Best Dinner Party Ever ...


Whenever I see pictures of people throwing dinner parties, I get so jealous because I don’t know the first thing on how to throw a one and it seems so overwhelming! All the planning, cooking, and decorating makes my head spin and I would just keep fantasizing about throwing my own little dinner party but not anymore! As luck would have it, I found 10 easy peasy tips on how to throw a dinner party and will be planning what might be the most epic dinner party ever!

1. Theme or No Theme?

The first step one must take on learning how to throw a dinner party is to determine whether you want a theme or not. Sure, themed parties are fun and it can help you narrow down options for food, dΓ©cor, and drinks but if this is your first dinner party, leave the themes for another time. For your first party you want to focus on the guests and food and not whether your coconut bra is going to cause you to have a wardrobe malfunction or not. If you have your heart set on a theme and you have the time, resources, and help, go for it!

Guest List
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