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By Vladlena

Even if you don’t believe in palm reading and find it complete bogus, it is still a fun activity to engage in when you have nothing to do with friends and family, so for days like those here are the main steps to palm reading. Not taking it seriously might make this even more entertaining, as you might get more than a few laughs! So let’s evaluate your future and you character overall through these steps to palm reading.

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Decide on One Palm

Choosing a hand is one of the more crucial steps to palm reading since there are several theories on what each one represents. According to some, for females the left hand is what they accumulate throughout their life and their right hand is what they were born with, while the opposite is true for males. Other say that the dominant hand is your present while your non-dominant hand is your future. So at this point, it’s up to your to pick and choose.


Find the Four Main Lines

There are four major lines that everyone pretty much has on their palms for the exception of one. The first line is the heart line and it is highest horizontal line going across, the head line is the second horizontal line below the heart line and the life line is the curved line stretching down toward your wrist. The last line is that fate line and it exists only for some people; this line goes across the center of the palm at the same angle as the head line.


Analyze the Heart Line

If your heart line is pretty long going almost across the whole hand, you are content with your love life, if it’s across half of your palm it means you are selfish when it comes to love and if it’s rather short, it means you fall in love way too easily or you have no interest in romance. This line can also appear curved which can mean that you are easily heartbroken or it could look straight, meaning you are good at handling your emotions.


Look at Your Head Line

The head line usually has to do with intelligence and how you absorb knowledge. It mainly focuses on your approaches and typical learning styles. A wavy line usually represents creativity, while a straight line stands for a more practical approach to life.


Examine the Life Line

The life line does not measure the length of your life but rather the way you spend it in terms of your physical health and your major life changes. Life lines close to the thumb say that you are often tired, curvy lines represent lots of energy, while a straight line going diagonally means that you are cautious when it comes to relationships.

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Evaluate the Fate Line if You Have It

The fate line is said to show how much of a person’s life is out of their control. So a deep line shows that a person’s life is strongly determined by fate, a broken line represents the changes in a person’s life mainly controlled by external forces and a completely straight line going down means that fate is not a factor in your life because you are a self-made person.


Summarize Your Findings

While you can go further to examining your fingers and mounts, things can get a little tedious and complicated for a simple and fun task such as this. So instead of going further with your analysis, let all of your observations sink in and share with others!

So if you find yourself bored and unentertained do this quick and fun analysis of your palm and see what you get. Choosing whether to believe this is up to you! Have you had any interesting palm reading stories in the past? If you did, share in the comments!

Sources: wikihow.com

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