7 Easy Steps to Palm Reading ...


Even if you don’t believe in palm reading and find it complete bogus, it is still a fun activity to engage in when you have nothing to do with friends and family, so for days like those here are the main steps to palm reading. Not taking it seriously might make this even more entertaining, as you might get more than a few laughs! So let’s evaluate your future and you character overall through these steps to palm reading.

1. Decide on One Palm

Choosing a hand is one of the more crucial steps to palm reading since there are several theories on what each one represents. According to some, for females the left hand is what they accumulate throughout their life and their right hand is what they were born with, while the opposite is true for males. Other say that the dominant hand is your present while your non-dominant hand is your future. So at this point, it’s up to your to pick and choose.

Find the Four Main Lines
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