8 Dreams and Their Meanings ...

Damito Huffman

8 Dreams and Their Meanings  ...

Most everybody in the world dreams. Studies about this amazing phenomenon have shown that most of us will dream similar dreams. If you have ever dreamed about things such as showing up late, falling, flying, or being chased, you aren’t the only one. What do they mean? Why do you have them? Psychologists have realized what some of these common dreams mean. Without further ado, here are the most common dreams and what they mean.

1 Arriving Late for an Appointment or Not Being Ready for a Major Test

This recurring dream is common for people who work constantly against deadlines. You may have dreamed of getting to school late for an important test or missing the test entirely. This dream means you are feeling tested somehow and you’re afraid you will miss out on being able to better yourself. It might also mean you feel as if you’re missing out on important events in life or your life is passing you by.

2 Dream about a Crush

Dreams are just a reflection of your subconscious feelings and thoughts. Dreaming about a crush means you feel strongly for them and you have been thinking about them a lot. Since you have been thinking about your crush all day, it would make sense you are going to dream about them as well.

3 Falling

Everyone has dreamed about falling. It is a very common dream. Falling dreams can mean two different things: either you are feeling a lack of support in your everyday life or you don’t have any control over your life. This dream usually happens when you become overwhelmed and are ready to give up. If you keep having this dream, you need to evaluate your life and try to find the problem that is making you feel overwhelmed.

4 Someone is Chasing You

It might surprise you to realize that this is a common nightmare. This might mean you are trying to get away from a problem that you don’t want to face or you feel threatened by something. It could also mean that you feel stressed or anxious by responsibilities and duties and you feel like you have to run away from all of it.

5 Flying

This is usually the most pleasant dream most people have. This feeling happens when you have finally achieved a goal you have worked hard to achieve. You are literally lifting yourself up to a higher potential. You are starting to feel better about yourself. You might also have this dream if you have gotten rid of something that has been weighing you down.

6 Naked in Public

This dream is another common one that is very embarrassing. It shows you don’t have confidence in yourself. You might also fear being exposed. This shows you have a hidden anxiety about being revealed to everyone.

7 Riding in or Driving a Vehicle That is out of Control

Vehicles could show the control you think you have over your life. If you lose this control in a dream vehicle, you might have lost control over something in real life. You need to ask yourself if anything in life has gone wrong.

8 Dying

This type of dream disturbs anyone who has had it due to the grief you feel. These dreams feel very real. Death dreams are about change, letting go, and endings. It might mean you are coming to the end of something or starting a new chapter in your life. If your dream is about a person you love that dies, it isn’t a warning of what might happen but you are just afraid of losing them or you feel differently about them.