8 Dreams πŸ—― and Their Meanings πŸ“– ...


Most everybody in the world dreams. Studies about this amazing phenomenon have shown that most of us will dream similar dreams. If you have ever dreamed about things such as showing up late, falling, flying, or being chased, you aren’t the only one. What do they mean? Why do you have them? Psychologists have realized what some of these common dreams mean. Without further ado, here are the most common dreams and what they mean.

1. Arriving Late for an Appointment or Not Being Ready for a Major Test

This recurring dream is common for people who work constantly against deadlines. You may have dreamed of getting to school late for an important test or missing the test entirely. This dream means you are feeling tested somehow and you’re afraid you will miss out on being able to better yourself. It might also mean you feel as if you’re missing out on important events in life or your life is passing you by.

Dream about a Crush
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