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Does Having a Male Best Friend Really Live up to All the Hype ...

By Vanessa

There are so many cool perks about having a male best friend but does it always play out the way we thought it would? Here are some of the most common expectations that girls have when they have a male best friend:

Expectation: You'll be one of the guys
Reality: Just because you're super close with him, that doesn't mean he sees you as a "sexless bro". I mean, he's a guy!

Expectation: Zero Drama
Reality: I've seen so many girls claim to be best friends with guys in order to stay clear from "girl drama" but, to be honest, guys can be just as dramatic, competitive, and jealous. Is YOUR male best friend totally 100% drama free?

Expectation: You'll understand guys better
Reality: Let's be real, all guys are different. Just because your best friend can tell you HIS perspective on things, that doesn't mean that the guy you're interested in will react/think the same way that he does.

Expectation: He'll always be your +1
Reality: It's easy to expect that he'll be your plus one to weddings, work parties, etc. but unless he's single himself and has a very flexible work schedule, he probably has a life of his own. So, don't expect him to be able to go with you everywhere!

Expectation: The two of you can fall in love (eventually)
Reality: We've seen this happen way too many times in romantic comedies but guess what ladies, we don't live in a rom-com! Now, I'm not saying that ending up with your best friend is totally impossible (it actually happens quite often to the "lucky" ones) but don't let that thought consume you all throughout the friendship. Those things need to happen naturally!

Do you have a male best friend?

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