Do Your Friends Run to You for Advice? Turn It into a Career ...


Are you the kind of person who is always asked for advice? If you're good at steering people in the right direction, consider making a career out of your knowledge. There are lots of ways of turning your knack for giving advice into a job, and you'll be able to derive a lot of job satisfaction from helping people. Here are some ways you could turn your expertise into a career …

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Wardrobe Consultant

There are lots of ways to turn a love for fashion into a career. Do you have a knack for putting an outfit together and picking the perfect styles for each figure? Become a wardrobe or style consultant, or a personal shopper. You could help people choose the perfect outfit for a special occasion, or spring clean a cluttered wardrobe. Or you could become a style blogger.


Computer Tech

Are you the go-to person among your friends for fixing computer problems or choosing a new laptop? Become a computer technician. You could work in a store or set up your own independent business - perhaps one aimed at helping women (who often worry that they'll be taken advantage of).


Financial Whiz

Are you skilled at working out a budget? Or perhaps you're a whiz with figures and always help your friends do their taxes. There are many ways of turning a skill with money and numbers into a career. You could train to be an accountant or bookkeeper, or advise people on how to devise and stick to a budget. There's also working in investments.



Some skills can't be learned, but are instinctive. Have you introduced some of your friends to their partners? If you're good at matching potential partners, become a professional matchmaker. You could work for or set up a dating site, or coach people on how to find love. You could also write dating profiles to help people improve their chances of finding a partner.


Life Coach

Life coaching became a very popular field around the beginning of the Millennium, as people sought to improve their lives. Are you good at steering your friends along the right path to a new life? Many people find it hard to know where to start, so for them using a life coach is beneficial. It's very rewarding to help people find their potential and better themselves.


Home Stager

Does everyone admire your home and always ask for tips on how to do their own homes up? Perhaps you could become a home stager, who prepares a home for sale and helps it look its best for potential buyers. You could also become an interior designer and refurbish homes.


Makeup Artist

Do you love making up your friends for parties and weddings? Then you could turn that into a career by becoming a beauty consultant or makeup artist. Perhaps you love doing retro makeup - you could work with burlesque performers. Imagine how much fun it would be making beauty your career!

So if you have a knack for giving great advice and love passing your expertise on to friends, consider turning it into a career. It's amazing being able to earn a living doing something you love, and sharing your skills with others is very rewarding. What do your friends always ask you for advice about?

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I'll be retiring in 10 years and I've been trying to think of what to do once I retire. Thanks for these ideas.

This is exactly what I did. I do numerology readings & tarot readings. I won't go all into detail here but I love what I do, I'm good at it, working for yourself is the best and I love helping others. Great article !

yes they do but yet they do what suits them so now i dont give advice.

I like to think I match a little bit of all those.

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