Do You Have πŸ€” Spring 🌺Fever πŸ€’ ?

Do you have spring fever? Spring fever is defined as a feeling of invigoration and restlessness associated with the arrival of the warm weather and renewal of nature in the spring season. The first day of spring 2018 is March 20th.

And yes... This may explain the increase in your sex drive!

Do men seem to be getting sexier, wherever you see them? Would you like to be naked on a deserted island with whoever the hell he is? Then, my dear, you have spring fever.

As the light changes, the body naturally produces less melatonin during spring, causing a lift in mood, a reduced desire to sleep and an increase in sexual appetite. We, obviously, have more energy for sex. All that pent-up energy can drive a woman mad!

Do you have spring fever?

1. Happiness

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Once the pent-up energy is released, we are happier.

2. Love the Weather

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We are so happy, that we open up our windows for a fresh breeze of crisp air.

3. More Outgoing

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Instead of being all closed in because of poor weather conditions such as snow and ice, we are more outgoing. We go out and about.

4. Get Exercise

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Also, we get more exercise and sex is definitely a type of exercise! I'm serious!

5. Stress Goes Away

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Finally, then, with all of the above, sex makes us less stressed. I really don't know how religious celibates don't go bonkers.

We are girls, so I have to mention what I am going to mention. What does this mean for us girls? I think a little shopping for clothes that show a little skin. We've been so secluded in our igloos. We need to get more of that good friend of our's named, vitamin D, to catch the attention, of that good feeling! So, go ahead Sun Goddess, celebrate sex and strut yourself!


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