Do These Things and Never Miss Another Deadline ...


Life is driven by deadlines. Few careers/jobs are free of deadlines. Stay at home moms have deadlines. Most of us would love to claim to be a deadline assassin, but sadly, we often fall short. If you want to be better at juggling your daily responsibilities and deadlines, read on.

1. Set Your Own Deadline

One of the most effective ways of beating your deadlines is to set your own. Turn it into a habit that you viciously enforce. Set your deadline days and/or weeks in advance of the true deadline. Stick to your own deadline as if it were the final deadline for your work. It dramatically reduces the amount of procrastination you may have otherwise endured, and it is surprising how much control you feel it gives you. You’ll find it easier to set your own deadlines if you diligently create to-do lists.

Remove Distractions
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