Different Forms πŸ“Š of Dance πŸ’ƒ to Learn πŸ€“ ...


There are tons of different forms of dance. The oldest proof of the existence of dancing comes from a 9000-year-old cave painting scientists found in India. The images depict scenes of communal drinking and dancing. In the third millennia BC, Egyptians started using dance as features of their religious ceremonies. Rhythm is an indispensable element of dancing, and now ordinary people use dance for celebrations, entertainment, and seduction as well as to induce a feeling of euphoria. Here is a look at different forms of dance that people in today’s world enjoy:

1. Ballroom

These dances started in Italy during the Renaissance and are somewhat formal. They became popular throughout Europe and later in the United States and other countries. Tango, Samba and Mambo are well-known ballroom dances.

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