10 Differences between Women and Girls ...


10 Differences between Women and Girls ...
10 Differences between Women and Girls ...

When it comes to girls and women, it is perfectly clear to see the vast amount of differences between, say, a ten year old and thirty five year old, but it would be fair to say that things become a little less clear cut when you consider teen and ‘young adult’ years. We all mature at different rates, both physically and mentally, and sometimes a female exactly the same age as you can feel many years younger or many years older depending on their life experiences. Here are ten key differences between women and girls!

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Girls are scared to death of being alone and will sometimes force relationship that they know are bad. Women don’t feel that urge because they have more experience, and more happy to wait for the right fit.



Girls like to feed off of drama and make every tiny dating story a huge event, whereas women are more confident in what they are looking for, and have no time for nonsense!



Girls like to think that they are going to coast through like in one way or another, getting their dream job or marrying a rich man, but women know to save and do the sensible things regardless of relationship status.



Girls like to seek confidence from external sources, Instagram likes and Facebook likes etc., whereas women have been through those stages already and have formed a solid and lasting opinion of themselves that doesn’t need affirmation from anyone.



Girls tend to try each new trend as they come along, eager to be part of the current movements, as opposed to women who have long discovered their signature looks and are happy with what they have!


Dating Expectations

Girls aren’t secure and experienced enough yet to dictate the tempo of a date, instead preferring the guy to take over. But women, they have a much firmer understanding of the dynamics of first dates and subsequent interactions!



Girls feel more comfortable gossiping and complaining about superficial things, whilst women have no problem holding a conversation about any wide range of world and life topics.


Social Media

Girls can’t go three seconds without providing some sort of update on their social media platforms, whilst women tend to use them more as a source or news and current affairs.


Sense of Direction

Girls don’t yet know how they want their lives to pan out, but women have probably already set about trying to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations.


Standards Vs. Expectations

Girls have expectations because they are yet to really experience all that life has to offer, whereas women, who have been there and done it, instead have standards that they need to be met every single time!

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