Dealing with the Devastation of a Friend Breakup ...


The loss of a friendship is even more devastating than the loss of a girlfriend or boyfriend, I think, especially if you're breaking up with an incredibly close friend. Friends get you on a different level than lovers. They provide you with different things, they nurture you in different ways, and you need them for different reasons. Breaking up with a friend, or having a friend break up with you, can keep you down and depressed for a long time. Dealing with that loss hurts because you feel like a piece of yourself is missing, but I think – I hope – that the advice here will help you.

1. Think about Why You Broke up

You need to do this because you need to own it. Myriad things can break up a friendship, such as a move, a natural drift, or a lie. Some wounds simply cannot be mended, but some can. Understanding why you're drifting apart and owning your part are both necessary to try mending fences, but even if you can't, knowing the whys and wherefores of your breakup will ultimately help you cope.

Feel Your Feelings
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