7 Cute Ways to Use Pastel Interiors ...

Have you seen the explosion of pastel interiors recently?! From pretty vintage pieces to geometric shapes in feminine new tones, pastel colors from rosy hues to sugary blues are definitely an interior designer hit. Whether you want to give a room a quick update or cover a room in spring-like beauty, here’s the best ways to rock the pastel interiors look.

1. Feminine Kitchens…

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This has to be one of my favorite pastel interiors looks – a feminine, fresh kitchen. Kitchens have been everywhere from monochrome to geometric and quirky, but this is something unusual and fresh. Add a touch of pink to your kitchen by opting for a pale pink and white wallpaper. Small details like pale pink fresh flowers in the window, rose bowls and pinks tea-towels will play up the color, and keep big furniture items such as tables and cupboards a balanced white. You can rock this look with any pastel shade, but I love the gentle pink vibe!

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