7 Cute Classic Cars That Are Reasonable for Any Woman to Own ...

Even though modern cars are starting to have some character, there are so many cute classic cars that can be reasonable for any woman to own. There is no reason to be afraid of driving or owning a well maintained older or restored car. However, because of initial quality, current parts availability, and general ruggedness there are some that are better than others to own. So, following is a list of cute classic cars that can be had reasonably and enjoyed daily:

1. The Original Volkswagen Beetle and Bus

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Probably the most iconic and recognized cars by many women, the original Volkswagen Beetle and "hippie" bus can be great classics to own. Models from the 60s and 70s can be found restored or in great condition and most modern mechanics have no issue working on them. Parts are readily available too. The only drawback is that these are all manual transmission "stick shift" and do not have power steering. Although they are great in snow and ice, the heaters in them are marginal, making these cute classic cars better for fair weather.

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