7 Cute πŸ€— and Easy πŸ‘Œ Last-Minute ⏱ Halloween πŸ•Έ Costume Ideas πŸ’‘ ...

You might not be the first person in line to go trick or treating on Halloween, but you should still be prepared to put together last minute Halloween costumes for an unexpected party invitation. Some people procrastinate until the last minute to get their outfits and others prefer not to waste any money, which is why I decided to share 7 last minute Halloween costumes that still look cute and thought-out.

1. Nerd

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One of the easiest last minute Halloween costumes is the nerd getup. The essential things that you would need to embody a nerd are nerd glasses, flannel, pants, and book bag with books, which are mainly the items that everyone has in their closet. However, if you don’t own any glasses, grab the 3-D movie theater glasses, pop out the lenses and tape a piece of white paper to the middle! To complete the look, you can additionally add suspenders and high socks.

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