7 Crucial Signs You've Outgrown Your Job ...

You’d be surprised to find out but sometimes, even the best jobs can turn into horrible nightmares and that’s why, you should always try to look out for those warning signs you’ve outgrown your job, signs that will tell you it’s about time you make a change in your career in order to evolve professionally. George Bernard Shaw once said that “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, they make them.”. If you’ve noticed lately that you’ve lost all your enthusiasm for your current job, you should pay attention to these next signs you’ve outgrown your job and see if you should change something about your career, so that going to work won’t seem such a burden to you anymore.

1. You Have Lost Sight of Your Career Goals

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I think that this is one of the most telling signs you’ve outgrown your job you should definitely look out for. If you’ve lost all enthusiasm for your job, have you forgotten about your professional goals or have you realized that you don’t know anymore where you are heading in your career? Take some time to think things through and see if your current job is really what you want and if it’s really helping you climb the hierarchical ladder.

2. The Company You Work for is in Decline

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If you are currently working in some company that is no longer growing, that isn’t expanding or that is in decline, my advice is to just get out now while the ship is still afloat and look for a better alternative to your current position. I know that now days it’s pretty hard to find a new and better job, especially because of all the financial hardship everyone faces, but it’s not impossible. Keep searching and eventually you’ll find something that will suit you and your needs. Just don’t lose hope and keep on trying!

3. You See No Opportunities for Promotion

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If you work in a company that is not growing and all the main positions are already taken and by the same people for years now, if no new positions are created and you’ve already been there for at least five years or even more, doing the same thing, and your dream is to climb the hierarchical ladder, then you should really consider looking for another job. Yet, you could try to talk first with someone in the upper management and inform them of your professional goals, because you never know, they might appreciate you so much that they will be willing to create a special position just for you so they won’t have to lose you as their employee.

4. Your Loved Ones Tell You It’s Time to Make a Career Change

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Even if you should be the one who decides what you want and where you want to head in your career, you should definitely hear what your loved ones have to say regarding the matter. Do they always tell you to quit your job and try to find something new that will better suit your needs or that might make you feel happier? Even though you are the one who knows what will suit you best, you should still consider their opinion. After all, they only want what’s best for you.

5. Your Body is Telling You You’ve Outgrown Your Job

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Has your body lately felt out of balance? Have you had problems sleeping, or are you eating too little or too much? Do you often experience headaches, muscle aches or any other type of discomfort that might be related to your job? Do you think that all this is because of your job or is it something that might be solved with a weekend getaway? If not and if it’s something more permanent that is related to your current occupation, then maybe this is the way your body is telling you that you’ve outgrown your job and that it’s time to make some changes in your career in order to feel better again.

6. You Know All There is to Know about Your Job

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If you’ve learned all there is to know about your job, if you’ve become too good for what you are doing and you often feel like there is nothing left to discover at your current position and that there isn’t so much room for you to grow there professionally, then you should contemplate the possibility of leaving that job and searching for a new one that will help you acquire some new skills and that will bring you other benefits as well.

7. Your “Gut” Tells You That You Have to Leave

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Sometimes it’s best to just trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice when you’re making a decision regarding your career. Is your “gut” telling you lately that it’s time to leave your job and look for something better? Do you believe you would be happier working somewhere else? Well, maybe this is another sign you’ve outgrown your job that tells you it’s time to move on and look for something better.

You shouldn’t be afraid of making career changes because you think it’s too difficult now days to find another job. Keep searching and don’t give up until you find that perfect job you’ve always dreamed of! Sometimes, the more you wait in taking a decision regarding the course of your career, the unhappier you’ll be and that’s why, “a small step can be just the push you need to try something different”. Have you ever realized you’ve outgrown your job? How did you figure that out? Can you give us some important advice regarding this matter? Do tell!

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