7 Creative Writing Tips ...


For some of us, writing comes as easily as breathing. The rest of us need a little something to get our creative juices flowing. Here are Holly's tips for creative writing that will definitely help you become a better writer. Thanks Holly!

As a wannabe writer, I dedicate the majority of my time to typing up stories. There are days when I can sit down and write for hours without issue. Other days, I end up wasting time on tumblr (although looking at Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t really a waste). If you ever need something to put you in the manuscript mood, give the following tips a try.

1. Sounds

Music is my favorite way to get into a character’s mind. If you’re writing a love scene, listen to Barry White. Or if you’re creating something comedic, try Weird Al. Nature sounds can also help when writing particular scenes. Go to rainymood.com if your scene takes place during a storm and go to YouTube for anything else.

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