9 Courses Recent Grads 📗 Can Take Online 💻 to Sharpen up 🔪 Their Life Skills 😎 ...

You've graduated and you probably think, yay, all your studying days are behind you. But don't hang up your note-taking and learning skills just yet. Successful women never stop learning. They also know that after graduating college, there's a steep learning curve as you enter in adulthood. Transitioning from college life to the real world can be a rocky road so why not get some help? BusinessInsider.com has identified nine online courses that teach some of the essential skills recent graduates need.

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1. Networking

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Networking is the one skill needed to succeed in any industry, regardless of your place on the corporate ladder.

Instead of sharing conversation starters and how often you should keep in touch with your contacts, this seven-course series teaches you the fundamentals of influence, persuasion, and positive communication, so you can be a successful networker anywhere.

"Mastering Communications for Ultimate Networking Success #1 -7", $10 each (originally $50 - $70), available at Udemy. [80% - 86% off with code "LEARNFEST"]

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