8 Cool & Unique Characteristics of a Cancer ...


So girls, you asked for the characteristics of a cancer post and we delivered! All of the zodiac signs are so wicked cool, but in this post, we're going to focus in on the coolest and unique characteristics of a cancer that you might not have known! For example, did you know that each and every zodiac sign has a lucky flower? What about a lucky day? Well girls, these unique characteristics of a cancer are going to be outlined below – take a look!

1. Lucky Flowers: Daisies & Wallflowers

Now, this is something that I didn't know at all – there is such a thing as wallflowers and they, along with daisies happen to be one of the unique characteristics of a cancer! These are their lucky flowers and honestly, they are so different than any other zodiac's flowers! So all you cancers, get yourself some wallflowers and daisies and place them around your house! They are good luck!

Lucky Day: Monday
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