17 Cool Tattoos and Their Meanings ...

Cool tattoos are something we all notice on people, often wondering what is the story behind that image, design or a symbol. Many folks around the world have at least one tattoo. Some have even more and could probably spend two days discussing how thrilled they are with every new tattoo and how interesting and challenging the whole process really is. Even celebrities have some pretty cool tattoos, and although you might feel that replicating those famous tattoos might be a good idea, I’d advise you to think twice and try to find something similar but more “yours” and more “personal.” That’s why I’ve decided to list and explain 17 of the most popular symbols, hoping that could help you understand celebrity tattoos better or find new ideas for all those cool tattoos you’re thinking about doing soon!

1. Chinese Characters

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If you have a blank spot you’d like to see covered in ink or are simply looking for a tattoo that is small but still meaningful, Chinese symbols are definitely something you should focus your research on. These complex, so called “logograms” are not letters or just cool-looking drawings but symbols that represent a certain word or an object and can be used individually (like “Strength,” “Courage,” “Faith”) or combined into cool tattoos that form a saying or even a story.

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