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7 Conspiracy Theories You've Gotta Read to Believe ...

By Madison

Conspiracy theories are other explanations for events that differ from what the majority believes to be true. Although the term has a negative connotation, it doesn’t mean the alternative theories are wrong, it just means they haven’t been proven. However, some of them sound downright silly! Here are 7 of the most popular conspiracy theories you’ve gotta read to believe!

1 The 9/11 Conspiracy

The 9/11 ConspiracyOne of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the United States Federal Government was involved in the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. Some believe that high-ranking government officials idly stood by and let the attack happen while other people believe the government had an even more sinister role. The most common theory is that the twin towers collapsed through a controlled demolition rather than the flames and impact of the airplanes. While many refute these theories, there are still countless books and movies about the conspiracy.

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2 The Shakespeare Conspiracy

The Shakespeare ConspiracyAnother widely believed conspiracy theory is that author William Shakespeare never existed. People who question the existence of one of the most beloved playwrights of all time believe the name William Shakespeare was nothing but a pen name. Some believe there was a single man who wrote under the pen to avoid public recognition for the works while others believe multiple authors used the name. Evidence for this claim is that the name Shakespeare has been written several different ways in his works and is rather inconsistent. Others also have trouble believing an uneducated man could write such brilliant literary works. There is also some confusion surrounding his death. Despite these circumstances, most Shakespearean scholars do not believe the conspiracy theory.

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3 The Apollo 11 Conspiracy

The Apollo 11 ConspiracyThe moon landing conspiracy is one of the most widely believed conspiracy theories of all time. The theory is that NASA faked the 1969 moon landing in order to win the space race. People who believe this theory think the landing happened in a film studio. Despite little evidence of this, the theory has been circulating for the past forty years. In 2012, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter released photos of the Apollo flag still standing on the moon.

4 The John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

The John F. Kennedy Assassination ConspiracyPresident John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder of JFK, however many Americans believe he did not act alone. Many people believe there was more than one gunman and that a giant cover-up was issued that included witness intimidation, witness murder, confiscated films and photos, ignored testimonies, and withheld documents to protect the other gunmen. This is one of the most widely believed conspiracy theories of all time and there have been nearly 2000 books published about the scandal.

5 The Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy

The Marilyn Monroe ConspiracySpeaking of JFK, one of his rumored love interests also died suspiciously. Did the mafia kill Marilyn Monroe to protect JFK from scandal? This is one of the theories surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. The death of Marilyn Monroe is one of the most debated conspiracies of all time. Even some of the police officers on the scene believe the starlet was murdered. There are several pieces that just don’t add up when it comes to the official report that Marilyn took her own life. Do you think she was murdered?

6 The Paul McCartney Conspiracy

The Paul McCartney ConspiracyThe Paul Is Dead theory is possibly one of the more bizarre conspiracy theories. Some Beatles fans believe Paul McCartney died in the late '60s and that the band hired a McCartney lookalike in order to spare fans the grief. Beatle maniacs begin uncovering ‘hidden clues’ in Beatles songs and artwork to support their theory. This strange theory has been circulating for over fifty years now.

7 The Denver Airport Conspiracy

The Denver Airport ConspiracyThe Denver airport is quite a sight to see. The airport is decorated with morbid art. There is the giant blue mustang with bulging veins and glowing red eyes outside the airport, gargoyles in the baggage claim, and painted murals of death inside – and that’s just the beginning of the weirdness. Denver already had a fully functioning airport when they built the new one and it was in no way more technologically advanced or bigger than the previous one. The Denver airport was commissioned in 1989 and went roughly 3 million dollars over budget and no one knows why. The theory is that the government built a giant bunker below the airport to protect important people in the event of a national disaster. This is just the beginning of this crazy conspiracy theory. If you’ve ever been fascinated with the Illuminati and the new world order, dig deeper into this conspiracy theory.

Regardless if you believe in conspiracy theories or not, they are important to read about as they can challenge your beliefs. It is always good to look at things from a new perspective and to look at all possible outcomes instead of just accepting what others tell you to be fact. Do you believe any of these conspiracy theories? Are there others that you believe that aren’t on the list? If so, please share with us in the comments section.

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