7 Companies with Incredibly Fun Offices ...

Who says work has to be all business--we'll have you know that there are several companies with fun offices that would make a playful child jealous. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl, amirite ladies?), so companies might as well make the most of their work space and keep things exciting! A common trend for fun offices is that they often times reside in Tech companies. This serves as a great recruiting tactic to help attract the top employees in the biz. Take a look at some of these companies with fun offices from around the world!

1. Google Office in Zurich, Switzerland

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This wouldn't be a list of companies with fun offices if it didn't include Google. Google has been known for its playful environment that could make anyone want to come to work, but their Zurich office is pretty remarkable. Complete with slides and fireman poles, multiple kitchens and free meals, working extra hours may be a welcomed task!

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