7 Common Myths about Older Adults You Should Know ...


In today's society many young people have negative attitudes toward adults over the age of 65 based off of stereotypes and myths about older adults. There are some who pay no mind to these stereotypes, however there are too many people who do take part in the discrimination and prejudice of older adults. Today you're going to learn 7 common myths about older adults. Keep reading to learn the facts about older adults so you can share them with your family and friends, and possibly decrease the instances of discrimination and negative attitudes toward older adults.

1. "Most Older Adults Live in Nursing Homes and Cannot Get around by Themselves"

Fact: About 5 percent of older adults live in nursing homes, and fewer the 20 percent are unable to get around by themselves. This is one of the myths about older adults, I used to think was true. The media is always showing a family putting the wretched mother-in-law in a home, or a grandparent who needs a nurse 24/7, but in actuality, it's not true! Many older adults live by themselves or with family members, and can get around without the help of a nurse.

"Older Adults do Little More than Sit around, Watch Television, and Sleep"
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