7 Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of Them ...

I’m sure most of the common household pests make you go eww. This nasty little, let’s call them bugs, are tiny but can cause a lot of damage. They annoy your pets and make you itch (or worse). They also bring health problems, so as minute as some of them might be, common household pests should be recognized and dealt with.

1. Fleas

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These six-legged pests with red-brown body and long claws are one of those common household pests found all around the world. They suck blood and are often known to trigger allergic reactions. Not only can fleas be annoying, they can be extremely dangerous as well and sometimes lead to diseases like tapeworms and typhus. You can use pet preventive medications to avoid dealing with fleas, but if they have already entered your life, it is never easy to get rid of them. Start by vacuuming regularly – make sure to discard the bag after you have vacuumed completely. Use hot water and soap to wash your pets. You may also consider using natural herbs, traps for bugs, and aromatics, like citronella, lemon, rosemary, and wormwood to keep fleas away.

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