7 Common Good Luck Charms and Their Origins ...


There are common good luck charms that you’ve all heard of, but probably don’t know the origin of. In most cases, the exact root is unknown, but there are different myths that explain them. Most date back hundreds of years and have religious or cultural aspects. Even though we don’t know why we believe these common good luck charms are fortuitous, we still use them.

1. Horseshoe

Horseshoes have become one of the most common good luck charms, possibly because they were made by blacksmiths who were once considered lucky. This was due to the fact that they worked with fire and iron, which people believed contained magical powers. Iron was also used to ward off spirits in the past. Just be careful if you decide to hang a horseshoe on your wall. It’s only good luck if you keep the ends pointing upward. If it’s pointed down, the luck will slip right out of it.

Rabbit Foot