7. The One Who Has to Eat Everything

Confessions part two right now. When I drink, I come home and eat literally everything in sight at my apartment. And most of it is usually super unhealthy. This drunk alter-ego will probably convince you to stop at every fast food place on the way home. But be careful, you might end up packing on a few pounds if you go out with this friend too much.

Not everyone has a drunk alter-ego, but those who do can be especially fun to go out with. It can be pretty hilarious to see their alter-egos take over with every sip of alcohol. But make sure you know of their alter-ego before you take them out or you might have to deal with an entirely new friend. Do any of your friends have funny drunk alter-egos? Do you have a drunk alter-ego? Have you had any funny encounters with common college drunk alter-egos?

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